Hello, we’re RDI.
We help protect and optimize your businesses.

Twenty-seven years ago, we launched RDI with a vision to create the most in-depth business protection systems.

RDI pioneered a new technology model with a new build your own product business model focused on customer success.

This vision has fueled our incredible growth, made us the global leader in business continuity planning (BCP) and in business process management (BPM). Today, RDI’s solutions provide groundbreaking tools and services to help businesses plan for threatening events or optimize their systems.

Thanks to our dedicated employees, partners, and the customers we serve, RDI is the fastest growing BCP & BPM company in the world. RDI empowers companies to connect and communicate with their employees and partners in a whole new way, run their business from their phones and make smarter, more predictive decisions from anywhere in real-time.

With offices in Montreal, Canada, and in Montbazon, France, we easily guide and care for our customers across the globe.

Our customers have trusted us for twenty-seven years because we believe in transparency, trust and security. We are proud to be your partner in making your business the best it can be.